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Founded in 2000 by native bahariyans , western desert tours is your award-winning tour operator for private guided safaris in Egypt’s western desert including the black and white desert, the oases of fayium , bahariya , farafra , dakhla , kharga and siwa , the great sand sea and the gilf kebir. 

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1-Prepare Mentally and Creatively: Read about desert explorers and Bedouin culture to connect deeply with the desert's heritage. Bring a journal or sketchbook to document your experiences and landscapes, enriching your adventure. 2-Explore Local Cuisine: Go beyond standard meals and engage in a cooking demonstration with a local chef. Learn to prepare traditional dishes under the stars, adding a flavorful and cultural dimension to your safari. 3-Stargazing Experience: Utilize the clear desert skies for a night of stargazing. Join an expert astronomer to learn about constellations and ancient Egyptian astrology, turning an ordinary evening into an extraordinary celestial event. These tips aim to deepen your connection with the desert, enhance your culinary experience, and offer a magical night under the stars, making your journey with WesternDesertSafari.com unforgettable.

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Egypt's western desert and its oases. chhose from a wide range of expeditions, including jeep safaris , camel riding , camping in the desert and trekking.

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